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Linda Jack is Lib Dem candidate in police election

Linda Jack is standing for election as Police and Crime Commissioner. The former analyst in army intelligence, and current member of the Intelligence Corps Association who saw active service in Northern Ireland, and subsequently worked across Bedfordshire as a Youth Service Manager, was also an adviser to the Financial Services Authority, has lived and worked across the whole of Bedfordshire.

Linda is promising a fresh and effective approach to making our homes and streets safer. It includes action to bring local people and police closer together to deal with problems of crime and anti-social behaviour. Tackling violent and hate crime, better support for the victims of crime and focusing on preventing crime will be priorities.

Linda said, “We need a police commissioner who can back up talk with effective action. I'll work hard every day to make sure we get maximum resources to front line policing. And I'll work with communities to make sure that those resources are used where they are needed most.”

“The new Police and Crime Commissioner is a hugely important role which goes far beyond traditional party politics. In tackling crime and improving policing in Bedfordshire, the Commissioner must make decisions based on what works rather than knee jerk responses. Having lived and worked in Luton, Bedford and Central Beds, I have a unique appreciation of the needs of the whole Police Authority area.”

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