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When Independent Panel report says Councillor allowances should be reduced the report is pulled from Council agenda

The independent panel of residents which looks at the money paid to Luton Councillors has produced a report saying the payments should be reduced. The report was due to be presented at a meeting of the full Council, which has the power to accept the recommendations or reject them, on Tuesday 15th January but has been removed from the agenda.

Liberal Democrat leader councillor David Franks told Luton on Sunday “It’s clear someone doesn’t like what the report says but it is an independent report, written by an independent panel and they should be allowed to say whatever they like. What is the point of the Council appointing an independent panel if someone is then going to censor what they say?”

“This is a disgraceful situation, it’s a kick in the teeth for the independent panel and I hope the panel members express their outrage in suitable terms.”

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