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£237,700 from the coalition government to improve facilities for cycles at Luton stations

Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Norman Baker, has announced that the government is to contribute £237,700 to schemes to improve cycling infrastructure at Luton and Leagrave stations. A grant of £176,000 will provide 228 secure cycle spaces at Luton station and a £61,700 grant will see 40 cycle places provided at Leagrave.

The money is part of the £62m the Coalition Government is investing to improve cycling infrastructure and safety. The funding will be spread throughout the country, with £12m to improve cycle infrastructure in national parks and a further £15m for cycle/rail integration.

Commenting Luton Council’s Liberal Democrat leader, Councillor David Franks, said “We’ve seen some improvements in cycling safety in Luton but much more work is needed and this additional money comes at the right time. Thousands of people commute from Luton’s rail stations every day and we hope this investment will encourage more of them to use their bike to get to the train.

“Cycling is healthy and there’s nothing more pleasing that whizzing on your bike past cars stuck in traffic.”

Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Norman Baker said: “Cycling is a great way to get around. Not only is it good for the environment and the economy, but with people who cycle living longer than those who do not, it is also great for your health.

“The country’s success at the Olympics and in the Tour de France has brought cycling right into the public’s imagination and there is a huge appetite for better cycling provisions.

“The announcement capitalises on that and adds to the significant investment that we have already made to allow more people to get on their bikes.”

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