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Luton Liberal Democrats win Wigmore by-election

Last night local campaigner Alan Skepelhorn won the Wigmore by-election holding the seat for the Liberal Democrats.

The by-election was held following the death of  Councillor Roy Davies earlier this year.

The full election result was:

Alan Skepelhorn, Lib Dem 982 47%
James Taylor, Labour 517 24%
John Young, Conservative 281 13%
Lance Richardson, UKIP 230 11%
John Magill, Independent 62 3%
Marc Scheimann, Green 27 1%

Total Votes 2,102

Turnout 24.2%

Councillor Skepelhorn will now join the Liberal Democrat group on Luton Borough Council.

Councillor David Franks, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the Council, commented;

“Of course we are very pleased to have Alan Skepelhorn back on the team, but he never really left the team as he has been working very closely with the Liberal Democrat councillors all along.

Alan works hard, knows what needs to be done and is a worthy successor to Roy Davies who served the Wigmore area for more than 30 years. Alan has already started working with the other Liberal Democrat Wigmore councillors, Diane Moles & Peter Chapman, on some of the issues raised by constituents during the election campaign.”

2 comments on “Luton Liberal Democrats win Wigmore by-election

  1. petershearman on

    What are the liberal democrats doing about protecting the green belt around cockerhoe /tea green /mangrove green /darley hall and preventing bloor homes building1000’s of houses?
    Anyway the houses are ugly!
    please reply by email

  2. Tareena King on

    As a worthy successor, please do whatever it takes to stop the repeated gypsy encampments in Wigmore. They are making our lives hell.

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