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Clive Mead is the Lib Dem Candidate for the Barnfield By-Election

Clive MeadI have been a volunteer worker for the Barnfield and Bushmead Focus Team for a number of years.

I have lived in Luton all of my life. I was educated in Luton , worked here throughout my career and raised my family in the town.

I fully support the local Liberal Democrat Team’s long term commitment to protecting and building our community.  Knowing the town and Barnfield well I have been active in the local community. I understand the local issues and have helped in coordinating many local campaigns, for example, the recent successful drive to save the local 35 Bus Service.

I am deeply concerned that the Council has its priorities wrong and is completely out of touch with the concerns and needs of the local community.  It focuses on projects such as the Busway for which few can see the need and last year’s loss making pop concerts whilst not only, somewhat cynically, increasing the Council Tax to just within the level that would have otherwise to be put to a public vote and at the same time threatening the withdrawal of valuable services such as our local libraries.  In short, I believe that the Council needs to be held to account and, if elected, I would challenge such issues and push for it to provide greater evidence in justification of any future proposals.

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