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Conservatives refuse EU funding for flood-affected communities

EU funds could help flooded areas but the Conservative Minister has not applied for them. The EU Solidarity Fund has a budget of up to £414 million in 2014 to help EU countries struck by major national disasters.

The Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment Owen Patterson said he would not be applying for such funds.

Liberal Democrat MEPs wrote urging him to change his mind  and he may now be considering. Our County and Unitary Councils could apply for funding to rebuild and develop flood defences as well.

Britain applied before…

When the 2007 floods hit, the UK was granted £134 million from the fund to help with the clean up process, but this can only be applied for by national governments.

Lib Dem MEPs have obtained assurance from the relevant EU commissioner that the UK could apply for solidarity funding, or utilise EU Regional Development Funds towards flood prevention infrastructure in the future.

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