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Scrutiny Board asks Luton Council to think again on tip closures

“They want people to recycle more of their waste and so they’ve decided to make recycling more difficult, how logical is that?” – Cllr. David Franks.
Luton Council’s Scrutiny Board has agreed to a proposal from Liberal Democrat councillors asking Executive Committee members to rethink their plans to close the town’s two tip sites one day a week and reduce the opening hours on the days they will remain open.
Liberal Democrat leader David Franks said his colleagues think Labour has lost sight of the basic housekeeping necessities.
“The officer report they were considering said reducing the opening hours of the two Council recycling centres would not save money and may lead to more fly-tipping. But they are going to do it anyway. It’s the latest part of Labour’s plan to make our town even dirtier than it already is.”

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