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Luton Liberal Democrats announce their Luton North candidate for 2017 General Election

Luton Liberal Democrats have selected Rabi Martins as their candidate for the Luton North constituency for the 8th June 2017 general election.

Rabi Martins is a senior Liberal Democrat activist with 20 years of local government experience in housing, planning and sustainable development.

Rabi faces an exciting campaign, fully supported by the active Luton local Party. The general election comes at a time when Liberal Democrats across the country are seeing a huge increase in membership and success in local council by elections taking council seats from both Labour and Tory parties.

Rabi Martins is a member of Amnesty International, has campaigned on the Kashmir issue for several years, is a local authority Mental Health Champion and chair of a Fairtrade Steering Group.

“This government’s policies have put housing out of the reach of most young people” says Rabi Martins, “The failure to deal with this issue has increased the power of developers and more needs to be done to increase the supply of affordable and social housing This situation is creating social problems across Luton which, as a member of a strong group of Liberal Democrat MPs I will do something about”.

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