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Luton South candidate determined to campaign against a hard Brexit

“The effects of a hard, Tory Brexit on the employment opportunities for young people is one of my main concerns.” says Andy Strange, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Luton South. “Major employers all over the Country are already announcing plans to open, or expand existing operations in other EU countries and large Luton employers like Vauxhall will be seriously disadvantaged if the deal is not right. Unless the current EU licensing arrangements are continued our successful airport, responsible for around 10,000 mainly local jobs, will suffer.”

“By their confrontational approach to Brexit negotiations, the Tory government seems determined to convert all the people who will influence the outcome into enemies right from the start. We need an effective opposition in Parliament to make the government see sense and Labour is simply unable to provide that opposition.”

Brought up in Luton, Andy Strange attended local schools and Luton Sixth Form College. He has degrees from the University of Portsmouth and London Metropolitan University. Andy now runs a small web development business based in Luton.

A former Luton Borough councillor Andy served for three years on the Council’s Executive. Andy Strange is on the Board of Trustees of Luton Culture which is the charity that runs the town’s libraries, museums and arts venues including The Hat Factory.

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