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Tory government funding formula robs Luton schools of at least £3.7M a year

The news that all but two of Luton’s schools are to be hit by a massive cut in their annual per-pupil funding has been slammed by Liberal Democrat candidates Andy Strange (Luton South) and Rabi Martins (Luton North).

“It’s bad enough that Luton schools will lose £2.2M of government funding this year but the new formula means our local schools will be worse off to the tune of at least £3.7M every year starting next year” says Andy Strange. “It is impossible for schools to deal with cuts on this scale without seriously affecting educational standards and damaging our young people’s future.”

Rabi Martins comments:
“The Tory government admits Britain has a skills shortage; its solution is to force schools to sack teachers and increase class sizes. 59 Luton schools will be hit with 12 of them losing more than £100,000 a year. The Liberal Democrat manifesto launched last week by Tim Farron makes it clear we would reverse these savage cuts.”

According to Department for Education figures Icknield High School’s per pupil grant will be cut by £220,000, Ashcroft High by £180,000, Denbigh High by £182,000, Challney Girls’ £168,000 and Stopsley High by £130,000.

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