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Wheelie Frustrating – Council proposes fortnightly black bin collection less than a week after latest denial

At last Luton’s ruling Labour councillors have admitted, via today’s Luton Borough Council News Release, what they have been denying for more than 12 months – they are going to introduce fortnightly black bin collections.

This was denied as recently as last Monday 19th February at a full Council meeting when Liberal Democrat Councillor David Franks asked Labour Councillor Andrew Malcolm whether his proposed £100,000 cut in the waste service budget was to include fortnightly black bin collections – he replied “no”.

Can you believe anything they say?

One of our members had this to say about fortnightly bin collections:

“The real problem comes with larger families. This was implemented where my son lives. He has four children and even with dedicated recycling they need a large industrial bin to manage for two weeks – this looks really nice in front of the house. In summer they have to be on watch for maggots in the bin – many people have this problem.”

Though we consider it important to increase the level of recycling in Luton, we do not believe Labour’s policy of reducing opening times of tidy tips and reducing the frequency of bin collections is the way to do it.

We would like to hear your views.

3 comments on “Wheelie Frustrating – Council proposes fortnightly black bin collection less than a week after latest denial

  1. Wendy Rayner on

    No ..thankyou . There’s enough rubbish by the black bins now .Where people have put sacks by the side but never collected

  2. Mark on

    Not a good move to do this,this will cause other problems with rubbish in the streets,and big family’s need it done each week,
    I’m dreading the council doing something like this.

  3. b h crimmins on

    no thank you it may be ok in this weather but familys with a number of children will never get through the summer?? SHOULD WE HAVE ONE they may cut that out too.

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