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Luton Liberal Democrats Put Country Before Party By Standing Down In Luton South For Pro-Remain Independent

“Luton Liberal Democrats are proud to play their part by putting Country before Party” – Councillor Lee Bridgen, Chair Luton Liberal Democrats.

The only National party in the general election with a clear and positive policy of maintaining Britain’s full membership of the European Union is the Liberal Democrats.

The Tories want out at any price and the Labour position is so confused no-one knows what they would do.

There is no conceivable form of Brexit that would not seriously damage Britain politically and financially.

In the general election Liberal Democrats have committed to put country before party and to work with others to maximise the number of Remain MPs in the new parliament.

The Luton South constituency independent candidate Gavin Shuker has made clear his intention to do all he can to maintain Britain’s membership of the European Union. In line with the party’s National position, Luton Liberal Democrats will not be fielding a candidate in Luton South.

Councillor Lee Bridgen, Chair of Luton Liberal Democrats comments: “Research by Best for Britain shows that an effective Remain Alliance can deny Johnson a majority in the new parliament. The agreements emerging in the past few days give real hope we can achieve this and Luton Liberal Democrats are proud to play their part by putting Country before Party.”

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