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M1-A6 Link Road: High Court refuses Luton Council’s judicial review bid

Liberal Democrats strongly opposed the new road on two grounds.

First, New Bedford Road, Old Bedford Road and Stockingstone Road in Luton are already pretty much a disaster zone in the rush hours with very long traffic queues in both directions. Without a continuing road to the A505 the new road will bring these roads to a standstill most of the time. Central Bedfordshire Council must have been told this by their own traffic engineers. They obviously don’t care at all about the consequences.

Second, professional traffic engineers now agree the M1-A6-A505 road is needed but to gain maximum benefit it should be further north on the A6 and further east on the A505.

Liberal Democrats supported the Judicial Review attempt by Luton Council simply because all other options had been exhausted and this was literally the last resort. We are sorry it appears to have failed.

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