Plans for a new aquatic centre and Olympic-sized swimming pool in Luton have been criticised by CABE, the Government’s advisor on urban design and public buildings.

A report by CABE’s design review panel said S&P architects had failed to capitalise on the “wonderful opportunity” to give Luton a prominent new civic building.

Instead, the report claimed, the car park has been given too much prominence, there is a lack of interaction between the building and surrounding landscape and there is too much glazing, which could lead to glare.

The £21 million scheme is to be built to replace a 30m-long swimming pool, and has been designed to include a multi-purpose pool, sports hall, changing facilities and landscaping.

The CABE report said the design should have a more prominent entrance to encourage people to cycle or walk to the centre rather than rely on cars.

It also claimed the building ran the risk of looking like an “out-of-town office development” and should instead focus on features such as cafés and play areas spilling out into the adjacent green space.

You can read CABE’s comments in full on their website.